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A Local Thank You!

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We received the following thank you note from very grateful parents.  Names have been concealed for privacy.  Please note, these parents have been advised that all credit for the blanket received is due to our Blanketeers who work tirelessly to support our Chapter and the children of Nevada County.  Thank you Project Linus Nevada County Blanketeers—this note is for you!

PL Thank You001

A Bit of Inspiration

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This story came from ER personnel at a hospital in Oregon:

A little boy came into the ER crying with fear. He wasn’t the patient—his
Mom was—but he was so scared. The ER nurse decided that if any child ever
needed a Project Linus blanket, he did. They gave him a fleece blanket with lady bugs
on it. His new blanket was just what he needed and pretty soon, his fears
forgotten, he was running up and down the ER hall wearing his blanket as a
cape. The ER personnel named him “Super Bug!”.

Just shows the power of a Project Linus blanket to calm a frightened child.

For The Greater Good

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It seems as though in our modern, popular culture we have focused on such trivial things. I think we need to focus on people who actually accomplish something.  One of the responsibilities of a leader is to put their ego in check, to master their ego and to do things not for their own needs, but for the greater good for the long term and not just for the next quarter’s results.  In spite of what some say in this often winner-take-all world, I think there really are things that we owe to each other as citizens.  And we shouldn’t forget that.

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger
December, 2016

A Little Inspiration For Today

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Life isn’t always what we choose or what we get, but it’s what we make it.

Miley Cyrus, 2016

A Local Thank You!

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Our Project Linus Nevada County Chapter received this thank you from a local mother:

Dear Project Linus,

Magic, your quilt was MAGIC!

My daughter who has Down Syndrome and has very low vision, legally blind had to spend time in the ER tonight. Mind you she is not the most articulate with her words, yet was able to clearly ask for what she wanted last night.

The Nurse…What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite animal?
A Cow

Kim the nurse brought a beautiful quilt with black and white cows (perfect for her low vision), with green panels. On this same material was musical notes. My daughter is magic with her musical memory. She can tell which radio station is on by the songs. This was not serendipity, but a magic touch from above that she received what she asked for and had something that distracted her from the other moments occurring around her.

Your work and all the commitment of your team,  made my daughters stay in the ER a little less frightening!
Thank You,

(name withheld for privacy)

If you’re a Blanketeer for our Chapter and recognize this blanket as yours, please give yourself a pat on the back!  You made a difference in a child’s life!  To all of our Blanketeers—thank you for your work and support!

Inspiration for December 31

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Project Linus:

Back in 2004 my ex-husband committed suicide leaving behind three boys only 10, 12, and 14 years old.  This was unfathomable—our whole world turned upside down.  Never in a million years can anyone understand the pain this caused, and actually still occasionally causes his children.

I really don’t remember the day my kids received the blanket from Project Linus, and I don’t even know if I sent a thank-you note.  I think there was a little stuffed animal tied to a very cute quilt. My youngest son, slept that night with the blanket on his bed, not knowing who actually gave him the blanket and I don’t think knowing why it was given to him. The other boys probably received one too, but I remember him putting the blanket up to his face and keeping it on his lap while he watched television with a complete blank stare.

Conversations about their dad aren’t necessarily held often.  When they do ask I try and tell stories that make him human, things they can put his faded face to. I can’t help but think if he had given them any thought, he might have reacted to his life a little differently.

Pulling out Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago I came across the blanket in a box, bringing back a flood of memories.  Good memories of wonderful people I have never met who make these blankets with nothing but love.  Just in case I never said “thank you” I want to make sure I do that now. I also want them to know their love and compassion is felt and the blankets truly do offer security as well as warmth. Something I myself only realized when I wrapped the blanket around my own shoulders this morning. “Thank you” to those who make and donate the blankets to children who need something extra in their little lives.  I want you to know that even though you aren’t always thanked in the moment doesn’t mean you did not make a difference in the lives of the children (or their mother).

Merry Christmas to everyone involved with Project Linus.  Keep up the loving work you provide during a time of need, whether or not we know we need it.

Humbly yours,

(name withheld)

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