2017 Mystery Quilt Challenge: Exploring the World With Ethan

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Here’s a preview of the 2017 Project Linus Mystery Quilt Challenge!  Registration opens August 21, 2017 at www.projectlinus.org.  The fee to register for this event, $15.00, is credited IN FULL to our Nevada County Chapter if you specify our Chapter at the time of registration.  This is a big win-win for us all!
Spread the word!  Thank you for your support!
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Where do our Project Linus blankets go?

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This rates as a frequently asked question.  And rightfully so!  Our volunteers aka Blanketeers, spend countless hours and precious funds making blankets and quilts to donate to our Nevada County Chapter.  We appreciate and respect the efforts of our Blanketeers, making sure the facilities and agencies we deliver to feel the same.

Currently, our main regular recipients are both Nevada County hospitals—Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital in Grass Valley and the Tahoe Forest Hospital in Truckee.  Child Advocates also receives regular deliveries.  Other recipients include the annual Beale Baby Shower program, domestic violence agencies and Child Protective Services.  These are not regulars, but we deliver when they are in need.  Once or twice a year, our Chapter sends letters to 10-20 County agencies reminding these children’s agencies that we’re here for them if they need blankets.

Please be assured our Chapter is protective of who gets donated blankets.  If the agency is unappreciative or does not comply with our distribution guidelines, donations to that agency will be discontinued.

We value  our Blanketeers and the support they provide!  Our Nevada County Project Linus Chapter could not do what we do without them!

A Chapter Thank You!

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Way behind in posting this thank you from Child Advocates of Nevada County.  This agency is always very appreciative of Project Linus and is always quick to thank our Chapter for blankets delivered.  Thank you Child Advocates for all you do to support children in Nevada County!  Thank you Nevada County Project Linus Blanketeers for your support!

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Kudos from Child Advocates!

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Child Advocates of Nevada County released their 2013 Annual Report recently.  Unfortunately, “In Kind Volunteers & Goods” listed me personally instead of our Project Linus Chapter.

Child Advocates has been contacted and we’ve asked them to correct their records to be sure to give future credit to our entire Nevada County Chapter.  They are always very grateful for Project Linus blankets and we’re certain this was a simple oversight.

Thank you Nevada County Blanketeers!  Our Chapter could not do what we do without you!


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From Project Linus Headquarters:

I had my baby on November 11th.  He had to go directly to the NICU.  I couldn’t even see him.  It was a wonderful but difficult experience.  After some days in the hospital my baby and I were able to go home.  My sister gave me a newborn snow coat, but it was too big for him.  The nurse gave me a Project Linus blanket which helped me take my baby warm and cozy back home.  After that time at the hospital and seeing him at the incubator, having that blanket was very emotional.  He now loves that blanket to sleep.  Every time I see it, it reminds me that there are nice loving people helping someone else that they don’t even know and that brings a smile to my face.  Thank you!!!!!

Why we do what we do………

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If you’re a volunteer, whether in our Nevada County, California Project Linus Chapter, or perhaps another Chapter across the country, and wondering whether you’re making a difference, this one’s for you:

I received a Project Linus blanket when I was twelve, back in 2007. To this day it brings me lots of comfort and I couldn’t sleep without it. Now that I’m older, I really appreciate all the kind hands that went into making my blanket. Thank you for what you do, it truly helped me survive.

A Local Thank You……

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We received a very emotional thank you from a grandmother in the Truckee area.  Her young granddaughter was rushed to the Tahoe Forest Hospital for a chronic illness and quite agitated and anxious over the ordeal.  The hospital nurse gave the young patient a Project Linus blanket (pink and yellow flowers) and the young girl was immediately calmed by the blanket.  The grandmother was amazed at the transformation and very appreciative of our efforts (to the point of tears during our phone call).  She asked that I pass along her thanks to all of our volunteers.

These calls are bittersweet for us….no one wants to hear of a child in crisis, but we’re all glad we’re able to offer comfort by doing what we do.  Thank you Project Linus Blanketeers!

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