A Little Friday Inspiration

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Our Chapter delivered blankets to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital ER this morning. As I walking through with 3 very large bags of blankets slung over my shoulders, a staff member called out, “More blankets? Thank you! We love the blankets. They are the BEST blankets!”.  I thanked him and continued through the area as a wave of “thank you!” sounded from all around the ER.

We also received this note from Project Linus National Headquarters, sent in by a parent:

This organization meant the world to me when my 20 month old was hospitalized for 4 days. We rushed him to the ER not thinking to grab anything on our way out the door. Once at the hospital I remember thinking I don’t have any of the things that will comfort him when he wakes up. Luckily the nurses immediately put one of these blankets on him and it made me feel like he had something to comfort him through an awful time. Thank you so much for this wonderful cause.  It means the world to parents everywhere.

A good way to start the St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  Thank you Blanketeers!


A Local Thank You!

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We received an e-mail with a photo and note.  I believe this blanket was donated via the Tall Pines Group.  Thank you, Blanketeers, for supporting our Nevada County Chapter and the children we serve!

“This is (our son), he is 7. We appreciate your gift.”


The Power of a Blanket

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While none of us expects to be “thanked” for the opportunity to ensure children in traumatic situations receive a warm Project Linus blanket hug, these notes demonstrate the value of a blanket and the impact they have.  These thank you’s go to all of the volunteers who support our Chapter:

“My 3 year old son who attends St. Rose Preschool in Santa Rosa received a lovely blanket from the Linus Project and we can’t thank your organization enough! We lost our home and his school in the wildfires. So great to know there are such wonderful organizations. The blanket means a lot to us. Thank you.”

“My son would like to thank you for the quilt he got when he had to get stitches last night. He held it all night long.”

“My daughter was recently admitted to the hospital for 3 days due to diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. She was very sick at that time. No blankets or clothes were brought as it was an unexpected hospitalization. Her face lit up when she received a flaming tie blanket. 4 months later it is still near and dear to her heart and she sleeps with it every night. It gave her such comfort that day she received it. Thank you!”

“Hello. I received one of your blankets from the hospital. I got it when I had a rape kit done shortly after a rape… I haven’t slept without it since. It makes me feel… Protected and strong. It reminds me of how far I have come in life and how something small can help anyone. Truth be told I fear the day that my blanket will be unusable…. I don’t go anywhere without it and I refuse to sleep unless I have it. According to my family I have slept much better at night and seem at ease when I have it with me. The blanket and the project is an amazing thing.”

“Just wanted to send you guys a message of thanks! I received a Project Linus blanket two years ago…I never felt more like a lost child then the morning by mom suddenly passed away. The responders brought me that blanket and I clung to it for weeks. It took me a while to even discover the tag and your organization. I definitely plan on donating soon! I felt I needed to share with you just what a difference that small blanket was for me. You’re a fantastic organization and I wish you all the best!”

“Hello- I am a mom of a heart warrior who recently lost his battle with CHD. My friends have all rallied together to make baby blankets in his honor. They remember me telling them about how I received a blanket from Project Linus during my son’s first hospitalization and how much the blanket meant to us…Thank you.”

“I have a Project Linus blanket from when my sons were in the NICU at University of TN hospital. We thought it was a beautiful quilt and started crying crocodile tears when the nurses told us we could take it home. We loved that some cared enough about our children before they were even born to make a quilt. Now 4.5 years later, my boys are wild little men. I have also started quilting and I hope to be able to donate some quilts to help someone else thru those rough times.”

Happy New Year!

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Thank you to our generous and dedicated Blanketeers!  We wish you all the very best in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

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Sending warm holiday wishes to all of our dedicated Blanketeers and supporters!  We are grateful for you and appreciate all you do!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are very thankful for all of our Project Linus Blanketeers!


A Local Thank You!

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We received the following thank you note from very grateful parents.  Names have been concealed for privacy.  Please note, these parents have been advised that all credit for the blanket received is due to our Blanketeers who work tirelessly to support our Chapter and the children of Nevada County.  Thank you Project Linus Nevada County Blanketeers—this note is for you!

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