Blanket Specs

Guidelines for blankets to be donated to our Chapter:

  • A Project Linus blanket is a new, handmade, washable blanket in a cheerful color.
  • Blankets must be new and of good quality.  A good rule of thumb is donated blankets should be of the quality you would want to receive or give as a gift.
  • Special care should be taken to make sure blankets are clean, free of smoky smells, chemicals, pet hair, buttons/charms or trims which could cause problems for a child.
  • Acceptable blanket types include quilts & tied comforters, knitted or crocheted afghans/blankets (tight weave is best!), receiving blankets and fleece blankets.

Blanket Size Guidelines:

Baby Blankets – Minimum 36”x36” or 36”x42”

Toddler through pre-teen – 45” x 45 or 40”x60”

Teen-sized blanket – 50”x ?

A Project Linus label is affixed to one corner of each blanket donated to our Chapter. This label is our “hallmark” and differentiates us from other groups. We also attach a printed “tag” with a poem and contact information for our Chapter.

General Do’s and Don’ts:

We are unable to accept purchased or used blankets for this Project.

Fleece blankets must have the selvage (printed name on edge) cut off.

Tied fringe fleece blankets must be neatly and evenly tied.  Please do not tie the fringe tightly—these blankets bunch up similar to a fitted sheet and are not really serviceable.

Fringed flannel or cotton blankets must be washed before donating.

If your blanket gets soiled during the construction process or if you have shedding pets in your home, please launder the blanket prior to donating.  We do not have the resources to launder blankets and in all good conscience cannot issue a child a soiled blanket or one covered in pet hair.

Please inspect your blankets for pins prior to donating.  We’ve been stabbed more than once and would not want this to happen to a child in crisis.

Questions about any of this information?  Contact us—we would be happy to hear from you and happy to help!


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