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Thrifty Creativity-A Collection of Patterns

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Over the years I’ve discovered a shared passion with some of the Blanketeers in our Project Linus group…….creative use of every inch of fiber/fabric/thread.  I’ll admit to being frugal, raised with “waste not, want not” as our family mantra but it’s been inspirational to see others living this way as well.  With that in mind, I’m sharing this website, which includes several quilt patterns that may be helpful in using up those scraps that accumulate while quilting.  There are also links to patterns using up yarn scraps as well for our knitters and crocheters!  Happy blanket making, whatever your craft of choice is!

Project Linus Nevada County, California

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Soul to Sparkle

beauty, jewelry design, & the spirit

Ben Franklin Crafts & Frames

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