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One of the most gratifying aspects of the Disney “Give A Day, Get A Day” program has been the sincere enthusiasm of most of the participants.  Sure, volunteers signing up to make blankets for our Chapter will be getting a free ticket(s) to Disney and that would make anyone happy, right?  However, it seems to be a deeper enthusiasm—one truly coming from the heart.  I’ve heard lots of stories about how families have appreciated the time together doing something for someone else, for the example this is setting for their children and for the opportunity to give back to an organization that has already given to them.  Here’s one note:

“Thanks for your hard work and dedication to Project Linus.  It’s a great project!!!!  When my son was 8 days old he was really sick and ended up in the hospital and we were there for 5 days and one of the nurses brought in a Project Linus blanket to us and it meant the world to me that someone cared enough to do that for the sick patients. It brought tears to my eyes when we received it. We still have it and whenever I look at it, it still puts a smile on my face to know that someone made it out of love for someone they didn’t even know.  My son is 3 now and is doing great!!  I am so thankful that
I am finally being able to do that for someone else!!  Thanks for all that you do!”


Disney’s “Give A Day, Get A Day” Program

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The New Year kicked off with a bang!  Our Nevada County Chapter chose to participate in the Disney “Give A Day, Get A Day” program and enroll the Chapter as a service opportunity.  Project Linus’s involvement in this program was arranged by National Headquarters and each Chapter was given an option to participate.

Basically, Disney’s program matches interested participants with charitable service agencies in need of help.  Registered volunteers agree to provide a day of service in return for a free ticket to a Disney park.

Our Chapter required each registered volunteer to donate two well-made blankets, minimum 42″ x 42″ in the material of their choice.  We were definitely not prepared for the response of the Community.  Wow!  Our first registered day of participation was spent at the computer, answering the non-stop inquiries that came through.  Our Chapter very quickly had a long list of volunteers from all over Northern California.  We closed the Opportunity on January 15.

As blankets come in from registered participants, our immediate challenge is to find storage for these blankets.  We have been in contact with recipient agencies and will hopefully pass along some of the bounty immediately and put them to good use comforting children within Nevada County!

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