When the Nevada County Project Linus Chapter was opened in 2005, a top priority was to make sure blankets made by our County stayed within the County.  At the time, blankets donated by volunteers in our area were being donated and distributed “down the hill”.  This has been a sore spot for some and is one of the most frequently asked questions from new as well as existing volunteers.

Please be assured that blankets donated to our Project Linus Nevada County Chapter stay within Nevada County.  If there is a national disaster (i.e. Katrina) and blankets are requested from our Headquarters office, we will advise all Chapter volunteers and provide the option to participate.

We have a very keen sense of how much effort and funds are put forth in the blanket making process.  The cost of fabric, batting and thread can be staggering—not to mention the time our volunteers donate to make blankets.  Time is priceless!  So, please be assured we do all we can to respect the efforts of our volunteers by making sure blankets are donated to genuinely worthy causes within Nevada County.

We appreciate our volunteers and the support they provide our Chapter.  We cannot do what we do without them and we thank them for all they do!