Project Linus:

Back in 2004 my ex-husband committed suicide leaving behind three boys only 10, 12, and 14 years old.  This was unfathomable—our whole world turned upside down.  Never in a million years can anyone understand the pain this caused, and actually still occasionally causes his children.

I really don’t remember the day my kids received the blanket from Project Linus, and I don’t even know if I sent a thank-you note.  I think there was a little stuffed animal tied to a very cute quilt. My youngest son, slept that night with the blanket on his bed, not knowing who actually gave him the blanket and I don’t think knowing why it was given to him. The other boys probably received one too, but I remember him putting the blanket up to his face and keeping it on his lap while he watched television with a complete blank stare.

Conversations about their dad aren’t necessarily held often.  When they do ask I try and tell stories that make him human, things they can put his faded face to. I can’t help but think if he had given them any thought, he might have reacted to his life a little differently.

Pulling out Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago I came across the blanket in a box, bringing back a flood of memories.  Good memories of wonderful people I have never met who make these blankets with nothing but love.  Just in case I never said “thank you” I want to make sure I do that now. I also want them to know their love and compassion is felt and the blankets truly do offer security as well as warmth. Something I myself only realized when I wrapped the blanket around my own shoulders this morning. “Thank you” to those who make and donate the blankets to children who need something extra in their little lives.  I want you to know that even though you aren’t always thanked in the moment doesn’t mean you did not make a difference in the lives of the children (or their mother).

Merry Christmas to everyone involved with Project Linus.  Keep up the loving work you provide during a time of need, whether or not we know we need it.

Humbly yours,

(name withheld)