A local Nevada County thank you!

My almost 3 year old had an unfortunate accident and sustained 2nd degree burns to her feet. In the ER at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital, one of the personnel asked if my daughter would like a blanket. She had already been wrapped in a warmed hospital blanket, but she immediately said yes. I could not believe the transformation in my little one when she snuggled that blanket close. She relaxed and was noticeably comforted. Had I not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it–she has never been a “blankey” type of child. That blanket never left her side until she healed enough to be mobile again. To this day, the blanket is kept on her bed and she often asks to take her “hospital blanket” when we go on trips.

Thank you for providing a touchable means of comfort to my little girl at a time when she was hurting and for helping us through some difficult hours. I have attached some photos of her snuggling her blanket and then a few days later still bandaged up but still enjoying her blanket. To all you blanketeers, thank you for your service and dedication even though you may not always hear how it impacts a child!

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