Hello, I have been trying to figure out what to say and nothing comes close to what I am feeling. I need to thank you and this organization and a woman named (name removed) as the blanket I have has a tag with her name. It is a blue and green baby blanket and one of the few items I have left of my son.

On August 2nd of this year our baby boy Xavier was brought to the hospital unresponsive. They were unable to revive him and when he was brought to us he was wrapped in this blanket I mentioned. This blanket was so soft and I remember before we left how happy I was because he had a warm blanket, we had left the house in such a hurry to follow the ambulance, I hadn’t brought one for him. It brought me great comfort that he had that blanket and not just his sleeper. At one point the blanket and his other items were returned to us and I keep it now in his memory box, and when I am missing him badly I pull it out and remember holding him that day. The soft green and blue blanket has brought me great comfort over the past months and I thank you for having this organization and for making that beautiful blanket. Thank you for giving my son some warmth and thank you for giving me something to hold onto from those last moments.

(Name and location withheld)