My son was born early last week and spent the better part of his first week of life in the Special Care Nursery (similar to a NICU) with breathing and heart rate concerns. He is our first child and my wife and I were scared stiff when we were told what was happening and why.

One of the first things that happened when we went to see him, was that one of the nurses gave us a beautiful little fleece blanket with yellow ducks on a blue background. We loved the blanket instantly, as did our son, and it helped to give us a sense of peace and hope during what was the most trying time of either of our lives.

He is now home, safe and sound, and I wanted to extend my warmest thank you to the people who helped provide us that first ray of light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for what you do, for what you did for my family and for my son. We will keep this beautiful blanket until there are nothing but tatters remaining, and then I will keep even those because of what they mean to us.

God bless you.


A grateful Dad

(name and location witheld)