Thank you so, so much for the beautiful blanket that was dropped off to my son in the ICU last week. I am happy to say that we are home now with a healthy boy by our side.

Last week was the scariest week of my life. I took my 13 month old son to the ER two Fridays ago because he was breathing very fast. He became very sick, very quickly, and we ended up in the ICU almost overnight. He was sedated for an entire week because he needed help breathing.

I never left the hospital. We had visitors and my husband came by, but with our other son at home, he never stayed with me overnight.

The blanket arrived at the perfect time. I was alone with my son, hearing doctors telling me that things were getting worse. They left the room and I turned to see the lovely black and white houndstooth blanket on the couch. I read the story on the attached tag, and I sobbed. In a moment that I felt incredibly alone, that blanket gave me reassurance.

Countless times and at all hours, I thought about the person that made it and I stared at the loops of the crochet border. It was nice to think about something else in an attempt to drown out the beeps, alarms, and swishes of all of the hospital machines.

I’m not sure if there is a way you can send my thanks directly to the kind person who made our particular blanket, so instead I would like to thank all of the volunteers in your group. Your simple gesture had a huge impact on me and it have me comfort during a very scary moment.

Thank you.

(Author and location unknown)