This email was received by an out of state Project Linus Chapter from a nurse who works with kids at a CARES unit :

I wanted to tell you about 4 little ones (baby to age 6) we saw recently. Their mother tried to take their lives as well as her own. Fortunately, she wasn’t successful.  They came into shelter care with the clothes on their backs.  My heart broke for them.  When I gave them blankets their little frightened eyes communicated gratitude like I have never seen before.  They clutched the blankets close like they were life preservers and the 6 year old wrapped the baby in hers and sat holding her.  We saw one of the children a week later, as her condition required some follow up, and she had her blanket with her.  I was told she has not parted with it since I gave it to her.  I know sometimes you share these stories with your ladies and this one touched my heart, so thought I’d share with you.