From a Henderson, Nevada hospital:

Dear Friends of Project Linus

Our staff would like to thank you for your generous time, energy and donations of Project Linus Blankets for our sick kids. These donations may mean more that you realize. Sometimes the hospital can be such a sterile-looking place and part of what the kids really need is some kind of normalization! When they get anything that brings color or excitement to their room, it truly can cheer them up quite a lot. When kids are first brought up to their pediatric room, and they see a cute little toy, blanket, stuffed animal, craft, or video game system nearby, they are all the sudden fans of being here. These things help keep their minds off of their illness a bit and offer distraction and fun – believe it or not – it’s true!!

We just couldn’t do something like this ourselves, so all of the nurses and Drs and myself would like to give you a HUGE THANK YOU for your kindness and for picking our Pediatrics and Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit to be the ones who were so lucky to have you give to our kids.