Here are some interesting facts and figures about Project Linus:

-Karen Loucks started Project Linus on December 24, 1995. The Nevada County, California Chapter began in March, 2005.

-Project Linus nationally has been active for 5,847 days as of January 1, 2012.

-Project Linus National has had nonprofit status since May 12, 1997.

-Project Linus nationally has officially collected 4,025,297 blankets as of September 30, 2011. If 60% of them are fabric, that translates into about 7,245,535 yards of fabric. If 40% are afghans, that is about 12,880,950 skeins of yarn.

-The Nevada County, California Chapter of Project Linus processed 421 blanket donations in 2011.  Since we established the Nevada County, California Chapter, we have delivered 3,931 blankets as well as hats, booties and other handcrafted items to local agencies within Nevada County, California!

-If each blanket is an average of 60″ long, and we placed them end to end, they would stretch 20,126,485 feet or 3,812 miles.  That is as tall as 693 Mt. Everests, or 13,842 Willis Towers (formerly the Sears Tower) or 16,101 Empire State Buildings or as long as 67,088 football fields!

-Assuming each delivered blanket so far had a label, the cost for labels would be $120,78.00!

-As of January 1, 2012, Project Linus has 368 chapters in the  United States. We have 368 Coordinators.

-If each of our 368 Coordinators donates an average of 20 hours per week to their Chapter, that would mean about 1,040 hours per year each. And that’s just Coordinators!

Our volunteers have no stated monetary value in this list because to us, you’re all priceless!  Thank you for your support!