2018 Beale AFB Baby Shower

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Thank you for the many inquiries we’ve already received about the Beale AFB Baby Shower event for 2018!  This is a popular event for our Chapter and we’re proud of the number of Blanketeers who support this program!

To get an early jump on your planning, the Beale AFB annual Baby Shower will be on August 4.  This shower is for military families who are expecting a child or have had a baby within the last year.  This is our Nevada County Chapter’s fourth year participating in the event and we’re honored to be included.

Coordinators of the event thank us many times for our support and participation:
I can honestly say, receiving the quilts is the” highlight” of the event. The smiles on the faces of the parents is priceless!  Linus Project is sooooo awesome and I am so grateful we have a connection with you!” 
If you’d like to participate in this event, blankets should be designated for Beale AFB and donated to our Chapter no later than July 15.  Feel free to donate anytime before July 15 as we already have a bin set aside for Beale blankets.  For those who would like to include baby hats, dolls, etc. with your blankets, these items are also welcomed and appreciated!
Thank you for your support!

Thank You From A Little One!

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We received this thank you note, attached to a donation check, from a grateful little boy!  Oh so cute!PL Thank You002

Happy New Year!

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Thank you to our generous and dedicated Blanketeers!  We wish you all the very best in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

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Sending warm holiday wishes to all of our dedicated Blanketeers and supporters!  We are grateful for you and appreciate all you do!


Happy Thanksgiving!

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We are very thankful for all of our Project Linus Blanketeers!


Never More Meaningful……

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2017 Beale AFB Baby Shower

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Cory Moore, one of our Chapter’s longest Blanketeers (since we opened in 2005!), manned the Project Linus table at the 2017 Beale AFB Baby Shower on Saturday.

Cory was in charge of distributing blankets to parents-to-be or military families who have had a child within the last year.  Our Nevada County Chapter donated blankets to this event, as well as other goodies (see photos below) donated by our dedicated and supportive Blanketeers.

Photos, taken by Cory, are here:


You do not need to establish a Dropbox account to view these photos.  There are photos of the blankets donated by our Chapter as well as general photos of the event.  This is the third year of the Beale Baby Shower and the second year our Nevada County Chapter has participated.

In the 12 years we’ve been coordinating the Nevada County Chapter, I can honestly say this is the most appreciative group of people we’ve worked with.  Each person we came in contact with thanked us profusely and were genuinely grateful for our support and the donations we provided—-to the point of “goosebumps”, “lump in my throat” and teary eyes (I witnessed the tears when we delivered!).

Thank you seems pretty trite in light of the response we received from our dedicated Blanketeers but know it’s a very sincere thank you.  Your support was appreciated beyond words!

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