Another Local Thank You!

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Bless the parents who send in notes to let us know how much it means to their children to receive a Project Linus blanket!  Here’s an e-mail, with photo, that we received Saturday evening.  Note that names and faces have been removed out of respect for their privacy:

Dear Susan and Project Linus,

We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful blanket that (our son) was presented with in the emergency room at Tahoe Forest Hospital. That was quite a scary time for him and all of us, especially because the day before (our son) went to the ER, his dad had had an accident, and was also in the hospital. The blanket made (our son) feel special and comforted. He has been in the hospital for five days and the blanket has kept him company the whole time. (Our son) is doing well now, and will probably leave the hospital in the next day or so. He is just six years old and has a twin brother, so the blanket will be loved for years to come.

It is clear that this is such a labor of love for you, making blankets for children that you don’t even know. Please know how much we appreciate you, and we are sending you our love.


(Grateful Mom)


Project Linus

This is a thank you to all of our Blanketeers for doing what you do!

A Local Thank You!

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We received the following thank you note from very grateful parents.  Names have been concealed for privacy.  Please note, these parents have been advised that all credit for the blanket received is due to our Blanketeers who work tirelessly to support our Chapter and the children of Nevada County.  Thank you Project Linus Nevada County Blanketeers—this note is for you!

PL Thank You001

2017 Mystery Quilt Challenge: Exploring the World With Ethan

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Here’s a preview of the 2017 Project Linus Mystery Quilt Challenge!  Registration opens August 21, 2017 at  The fee to register for this event, $15.00, is credited IN FULL to our Nevada County Chapter if you specify our Chapter at the time of registration.  This is a big win-win for us all!
Spread the word!  Thank you for your support!
Image 6-28-17 at 10.44 AM

Intero’s Children’s Charity Fundraiser

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Greeting Blanketeers!  Intero Real Estate very generously donated to our Nevada County Project Linus Chapter earlier this year.  I’m passing along information about their charity fundraiser for anyone who would like to support this event.  Please circulate the following flyer to family and friends.

If you have a local business or are involved with a local business that might be interested in donating a raffle item for their silent auction, please let us know.

Thank you for your support!

A Reminder: Pins In Quilts

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Last night, I received a phone call from a very concerned mother.  Her 3 year old son was admitted to Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital on Sunday with pneumonia.  While at the hospital, he was given a “very well made” Project Linus quilt.  While the boy was sleeping, his mother was admiring the quilt and noticed the head of a 2” pin sticking out from a seam.  The pin was apparently sewn into the seam of the quilt.  This mother was very grateful for the quilt, which provided instant comfort to her distraught son, but worried the outcome of this could have been quite different had her son been stabbed with the pin.

Pins in quilts have increased over the last year so I’m pleading with all Blanketeers to check and double check your quilts for stray pins.  My hands generally find all pins as I review each blanket, but in this case, buried in a seam, it wasn’t caught.  A child harmed by a pin on top of the stress of illness/injury and the intimidating hospital environment, is something I’m sure none of us wants to happen.

The up side to this is that in 12 years, this is the first time a pin has missed my hands.  That information provided great relief to the mother, who repeatedly thanked us for the work we do.  Her son hasn’t let the quilt out of his sight since it was given to him.

Please help me out Blanketeers—check your quilts thoroughly for pins before donating.  Thank you so much for your care and understanding!

A Bit of Inspiration

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This story came from ER personnel at a hospital in Oregon:

A little boy came into the ER crying with fear. He wasn’t the patient—his
Mom was—but he was so scared. The ER nurse decided that if any child ever
needed a Project Linus blanket, he did. They gave him a fleece blanket with lady bugs
on it. His new blanket was just what he needed and pretty soon, his fears
forgotten, he was running up and down the ER hall wearing his blanket as a
cape. The ER personnel named him “Super Bug!”.

Just shows the power of a Project Linus blanket to calm a frightened child.

For The Greater Good

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It seems as though in our modern, popular culture we have focused on such trivial things. I think we need to focus on people who actually accomplish something.  One of the responsibilities of a leader is to put their ego in check, to master their ego and to do things not for their own needs, but for the greater good for the long term and not just for the next quarter’s results.  In spite of what some say in this often winner-take-all world, I think there really are things that we owe to each other as citizens.  And we shouldn’t forget that.

Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger
December, 2016

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